Product Description

Marie Jo Intense Energy Sports Bra – 0150026/0150027

Soft and ever so light, like a second skin, but very sturdy.

The spacer bra combines a smart look and the very best support. Covers the whole breast, providing uplift.

Creates a naturally rounded shape.

The seamless smooth style is discreet under all types of sports clothing.

For medium-intensity activities like golf, spinning, cycling and skiing.

All-round sports bra for every breast type.

The gore between the cups is a little higher, which makes it ideal for women with less full breasts.

Excel in the Energy series – and not just during your workout, can be used for going to hotter climate country because of the breathable fabric.

It’s rare to find this combination of very comfortable fit, innovative materials and trendy class in lingerie.

Natural is a soft off-white, finished with a string of pink beads.

Hand Wash Only