Product Description

Marie Jo Celine Full Cup Bra – 0101850

Céline feels as fresh as a summer breeze. Our designers immediately noted the youthful look of this graphic lace. Retro chic with a contemporary twist! And they opted for glossy shoulder straps and smart bows to keep all that sensuality under control. Well, as far it is goes…

In vintage blue and off-white Céline gets a stylish touch.

Wire bra with hip retro look and an immaculate fit.

At the bottom the cups are opaque; at the top and at the sides transparent graphic lace catches the eye.

The shoulder straps seal the deal, with satin gloss, so oh so chic, and elastic to guarantee comfort.

This bra covers your breasts nicely.

The ideal way to get a naturally rounded shape and uplift.

Hand Wash Only